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DVD-box black leather
Black leather box for a DVD with your favourite memories and shots. It is also possible to present a picture of 9x13cm as a foretaste of the DVD contents e.g.


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Strenghten your stories with photos

Do you automatically think about your grandmother when hearing the word "photo album"? When people ask her how things are going with the children and grandchildren, she surely quickly gets her photo book out of her handbag and starts telling proudly.

Photo albums are still the ideal way to prove stories with images. Just think about your last holiday, city trip, family celebration, birthday or your wedding day. If people ask you about it, you most certainly reach for photos to show how beautiful this day this was!

Don’t forget the photos on your smartphone, but print them & relive your favourite memories over and over again!

Since the arrival of smartphones, it is possible to capture beautiful memories quickly and easily. The disadvantage is that these photos are easily forgotten somewhere on your mobile phone or computer.

You should definitely print those photos and keep them in a beautiful photo book. In this way, you can enjoy all the beautiful moments time after time! And the nice thing is that you do not have to store you photo book at all. Put them on your coffee table or let them shine in your bookcase. It will definitely light up your living room.


Do you prefer a classic album or a slip-in album?

You can choose between a photo insert album where you simply slide your photos into a plastic folder, or a classic album, where you stick your photos as you like using handy photo stickers. Both types are suitable as family album, children's album or as school photo album. Though, for your wedding photos and wedding album we recommend our classic albums.

Are you looking for another presentation option next to the classic album? Take a look at our ‘leporellos’ (a folder in light cardboard), photo boxes (often used for communions), or our photo folder (ideal to show off photos on your desk).

Digital photo album

Tip: If you want to share your photos with a your guests after a baptism party, communion, wedding or other occasion, offer them a USB or DVD photo box.

In this way your guests can catch a first glimpse of the photos by a few printed photographs. The entire digital series can simply be viewed via the USB or DVD you insert in the box.