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Vacation photos that stay!

The vacations are - unfortunately - almost over. After a lost year, we were able to enjoy our freedom a bit more this summer, whew! And you can tell by the amount of pictures on our smartphones! But hey, your best photos deserve better than a place between +1000 other photos. Choose a suitable picture frame and give them a nice place in your home to enjoy your summer adventures even longer!

Discover our 'summer' range of photo frames in this blog!

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What is a mount?

Have you always wondered how to create such a beautiful border around your photos? After a lot of cutting and pasting, are you still not getting the desired result? 

Don't worry, take a seat, we got you!  

Let us introduce you to: "The Mount.

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Father's Day! 

Dads, they come in all shapes and sizes. They have different hobbies and interests. Fortunately, at Deknudt Frames, we have something for everyone!

Read on quickly to find out how you can surprise your unique dad with a suitable gift!

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Need inspiration for Mother's Day? We got you!

Mother's Day, the day to put your mum in the spotlight. And what has this year taught us more than ever? That the people closest to us are very important! So this year, surprise your mum with a gift that goes straight to her heart - a personal gift.

How can you be more personal than to use  photos of your mum and you? Frame these and you're guaranteed to score!

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DIY - Framing dried flowers!

Spring is coming and spring equals flowers, right? So when we think of making our house spring ready we immediately think of a house full of fresh flowers. All very nice but not for everyone. Some do not manage to keep a bouquet of flowers alive for more than 2 days. Yet are huge fans of the whole botanical trend. Our solution? Dried flowers!

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Memory frame: frame for framing T-shirts and other memories!

Meet our new product: the Memory Frame! It is the ideal solution to eternalize all kinds of fun memories framed in your interior. With a size of 60x80 cm and a depth of 1.5 cm you can perfectly frame large sports jerseys but also smaller objects such as baby clothes, medals and so on.

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In the spotlight: multi photo frames!

Choosing your best photo or photos to frame is not always easy! Nowadays you have an endless amount of fun prints, posters, photos, memories, ... that you want to immortalize on your wall. Can’t make up your mind which picture to choose? Then take a look at our range of multi photo frames. They allow you to frame 2, 3 or more photos at once, which gives a super nice effect!

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Framing pictures correctly

Would you like to frame a photo or print? But you don't know how to do it? It seems simple, yet it can be framed in the wrong way. This can cause problems, just think of dust, a hair or moisture, ... that stays between the glass and the picture or print. Do you want to avoid these problems? Read our framing tutorial and find out how to frame your picture in 11 easy steps.

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Create your own photo wall

Would you like to decorate your living room or bedroom with photo frames but do not have too much inspiration on your own? Deknudt Frames offers an easy solution: 10 ready-made photo walls that are easy to mount. The photo walls consist of 5, 6, 10 or 15 photo frames and are available in black, white or wood.

Together with your photo wall, you receive a practical ruler (except for the S46YK1-2 Wall). The ruler makes it very easy to mount the photo wall in 3 steps. You can find more information and images in our blog. You will also find a useful tutorial video there.

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Photo frame size guide

Do you wish to frame your favorite photo, but you are not sure what size of photo frame to order? Then you've come to the right place! With our handy size guide we will guide you in 1, 2, 3 to find the right photo frame!

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