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Photo frame for several photos

Photo frames are not always for one photo. Many opt for a photo wall to hang several photos or prints. Multi photo frames are an original and unique alternative for framing different elements. Your photos or prints are distinguished from each other by a mount or by different compartments in the photo frame itself. Some of our multi photo frames can hold up to 27 photos! The design of these picture frames are not only convenient and trendy, you can also use them to frame lots of fun memories and cool prints. 

Multi picture frames for any interior

Do you have a modern, classic, rural, ethnic or Scandinavian interior? Don't worry, our range of multi photo frames is wide! We offer both neutral and sleek multi photo frames in all sorts of different colors and sizes. We have something for everyone. 

Ideas and tips for your photo collage

Are you in a creative mood and would you like to make your own photo collage? You can create this with photos of fun memories from camp, vacations, trips, ... Nice prints, quotes, posters or more original things are definitely an option too! Wondering what these could be? You'll never guess but dried flowers, a piece of fabric, an old newspaper article, ... are trendy! 

Print out all your favorite photos or prints, take a dried flower or cut a piece of fabric from your old scarf and design the cutest collage! Choose a suitable multiframe and your photo collage will be sparkling in your home in no time!

In this snapshot, we chose to fill a white wooden photo frame with passe-partout for 4 photos (S223K1 P4) with cool images from a wonderful trip! 

At the bottom left you can see a white background with some dried flowers. This gives a calming and coherent whole. 

Size of the photo frame is 10x15cm. This indicates 4 openings of 10x15cm. The outer size is 32x42cm. 

Here we chose to pimp the photo frame with a piece of fabric. We used an old pillowcase and cut a small piece out of it. The black print and the piece of fabric form a calm atmosphere in combination with the other photos. 

You can hang this simple wooden photo frame (S66KA4) or you can also place it in both directions. Combine the frame with a beautiful bunch of flowers or a nice candle and make this frame an eye-catcher! 

Size of the photo frame is 10x15cm. This indicates 4 openings of 10x15cm. The outside size is 23x53cm. 

In this wooden photo frame in natural (S66KB3) for 3 photos, we chose an old newspaper article with black background, dried flowers and a matching photo. The natural colors of these three are nicely reflected in the color of the photo frame.  

It is important to coordinate the contents so that you create a cohesive whole. 

Size of photo frame is 13x18cm. This indicates 3 openingsof 13x18cm. The outer size is 26x49cm.

Also available with four openings

Making combinations 

Do you have any photos that you want to highlight on their own? Putting together photo frames for 1 photo and multi photo frames gives a fun look! You can create a photowall on the wall with both multi photo frames and photo frames for 1 photo or you can choose to put the frames side by side on the chimney or similar.

Have you made a fun creation and would like to share it with us? Tag us on Instagram @deknudtframes!