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A mount, what is it?

What is a mount?

A mount is an outline, it usually consists of cardboard. A mount originally serves to fill the space between the photo and the picture frame. However, we will guide you through the other benefits and uses of a mount!  

Mounts have been used for several centuries, originally the passe-partout had 2 tasks. 
Firstly, it served mainly to protect a work of art or a photograph. Then it was also used to fill space when a painting or photograph did not fit completely in the picture frame.  

These are still the reasons to use a mount today, of course!  

Nowadays, it's also the aesthetics that matter!  

You can use a passe-partout for several reasons! An annoying detail in the corner of your photo? Did you make a painting or watercolor of which the surface should not touch the glass? Or simply to make a photo stand out more? Easy to solve with a mount!

Mounts by Deknudt Frames

At Deknudt Frames we sell frames with and without passe-partout! Discover our photo frames with mount.
Don't panic if you have already bought a photo frame without a passe-partout, in our webshop you can also order the mounts separately.  

The advantage of ordering a passe-partout separately is that you can choose everything yourself.  
For the outer format you choose the size of the frame, after that you can choose your favorite color

All our mounts are available in white, extra white, off-white and black.

Finally, you choose your photo format, which determines the width of your mount. Each width gives a different effect to your photo or artwork!  

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