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Frames with mount

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Photo frames with mount
Would you like to give your photo some extra dimension? Then we recommend a photo frame with a mount!

But what exactly is a mount?
Well... A moount is a cardboard edge or border that you put between your photo and the photo frame. The slanted cut of the mount creates a nice depth effect, which makes your photo stand out more.

At Deknudt Frames we have a large arsenal of picture frames with mount. Here the mount is already incorporated into the frame. It can be so easy!

Would you like to buy a mount separately? Then you are also at the right place! Deknudt Frames has both white and black mounts available separately in several sizes.

What size do I need?

It is important that the outer dimensions of the mount fit into your picture frame. The inner size of the mount should be equal to the size of your photo.

Concrete example:
You have a 13 x 18 cm frame. It will accommodate both a 13 x 18 photo and a 13 x 18 mount with a 9 x 13 cut-out (photo format). In this frame you can choose:
      - You take out the mount and put in a 13 x 18 (C x D) photo
     - Or you keep the mount and insert a 9 x 13 (A x B) photo.

!! The exact order size depends on the type of photo frame. For some photo frames the order size is C x D and for others it is A x B. The order size is mentioned for each available photo frame with mount !!

A x B = Photo format in mount
C x D = Size of the frame