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Photo snow globe L in transparent resin

The photos do not always correspond for each size.

Photo snow globe L in transparent resin

show the product description Double-sided photo snow globe to present 2 pictures of 5,2 x 7,8cm. The globe is 10cm high. Shake it to watch the snow swirl around your photo. A nice gadget and also the perfect gift.

Glass : without glass
Back :without back
Support : can stand in horizontal direction
Hangers : without hangers
outer size : 11.00 x 8.00 x 8.00 cm

Material :resin

8,85 €


In stock
Ordered before 15h, Benelux 1-2 working days | DE-FR 3 working days | Other 4 working days

Delivery time: 2-4 working days.
Delivery only possible in the following countries:

How to order odd sizes made of mouldings ?

  • You can mail your order for odd sizes to or just add it to your standard order under remarks. 
  • Calculating the correct size.
  • When ordering an odd size, it is important to indicate the correct size, namely the exact frame size.
  • -without mount : the photo size + 2mm extra space
  • -with mount : the photo size - 1cm (the mount should be a little  smaller than the picture to stop it falling through the aperture) + the width of the mount + 2mm extra space

Important to know :

  • The maximum size that can be ordered is : length + width ≤ 170cm.
  • Always mention if you need plain or non-glare glass.
  • The maximum size for plain glass is 100cm x 160cm.
  • The maximum size for non-glare glass is 80cm x 180cm.

How much does an odd size cost ?

  • You can download the price list for odd sizes from LINK. If you have any further questions concerning custom-made frames, please contact us at
  • We will gladly help you.