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Create your own photo wall

Make your living room more personal with a photo wall.

Would you like to decorate your living room or bedroom with photo frames
but do not have too much inspiration on your own? Deknudt Frames offers
an easy solution: 10 ready-made photo walls that are easy to mount.
The photo walls consist of 5, 6, 10 or 15 photo frames and are available in
black, white or wood.
Which combination do you prefer?

Photo wall with 5, 6, 10 or 15 frames.

You can choose between a photo wall with 5, 6, 10 or 15 photo frames. The photo wall with 10 frames contains a few larger photo frames, so the total size is about the same as the photo wall with 15 picture frames. The total size of the photo wall with 5 & 6 frames is smaller.
The nice thing about these photo frame sets is that you can make multiple fun combinations yourself!

Order your photo wall here

How to hang your photo wall - a 3 step guide:


1/ Together with your photo wall (except for the S46YK1-2 Wall), you receive a practical ruler that will help you in hanging up your photo wall. Position this ruler perfectly straight at the required height (e.g. 140 cm high) and attach the ruler with removable tape. Hint: use a level to ensure your ruler is positioned perfectly straight.

2/ Measure from the measuring ruler each point of suspension (upwards or downwards). The indicated distance on the measuring tape is the distance from the blue line to the point of suspension.

3/ Put a nail at each measures point of suspension and hang the photo frames in the right place.

Order your photo wall here